Chengdu GNU/Linux User Group

我们是成都本地的 GNU/Linux 用户结成的小组,我们有线上讨论和线下活动,讨论的内容主要是 linux 以及技术相关的主题。活动时间并不固定,具体请关注邮件列表、微信群聊以及本站活动通知。

我们主要是说中文, if you speak English that would be okay.

We are group of GNU/Linux users at Chengdu China, there would hold discussing online or off-line meeting mainly talking about the Linux and technology related topics. We have no regular meeting time. For the activities, please subscribe to the mail list or ask member to invite you to the weixin chat room and site announcement.

Mail list

cdlug_community (AT)

加入邮件列表(开放),发邮件到下面地址,邮件标题随意 to join mail list, send email to, with any subject


Google group page

查看历史消息 archived messages

IRC channel

可以是 libera 上的 #cdlug-cn 但没有专人管理 might be #cdlug-cn on libera, but no one operate it.

Weixin wechat group

需要成员邀请 need invitation